It’s The Day can turn your party, wedding, retirement “do”, into a unique experience, focussing attention on your chosen subject in a very memorable way. Much in the style of TV’s “This is Your Life”, with the help of photographs, video, music and live camera, we can pull the surprise of a lifetime on your guest. We can stage the event more or less anywhere – from a party in your home, to a large theatre or hotel function room. It’s The Day is a bespoke service and can be tailored to your budget and particular requirements. Fill in our short questionnaire and we’ll talk to you about springing a surprise to remember. 

And It’s The Day can help at your wedding too. Most of us look forward to the big day, but few grooms, best-men and fathers of the bride, look forward to making their speech; and reaching for a bit more champagne, only makes matters worse. We have a team of writers who can help you produce a speech to remember – we won’t write it all for you – it needs to be in your own style – but we’ll help you write it and we can call on some comedy expertise to add a little humour if you want to ensure a few laughs in the best possible taste! And if speech making really isn’t your thing, It’s The Day can turn your entire speech into an interactive DVD – looking back at some memorable pictures of the bride and groom – interviews with guests who couldn’t attend the wedding and if necessary, your speech recorded on disc, with all the mistakes removed -  all you have to do is press a button!

(Coming soon - some video examples of memorable "It's the Days"!)

It’s The Day is a tailor-made service that can be as simple or as detailed as you require, from a little help with speech-writing, to an interactive DVD – contact us to learn more.

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