Workshops for schools and colleges

GH Events delivers full or half-day practical sessions in Radio and Video, offering the opportunity to work as a team to produce a polished production. The workshops work well in primary and secondary schools and at college level too and are also an ideal vehicle for a company team-building exercise. We have experience in broadcast radio and professional video production, but our workshops use simple, affordable equipment, readily available to many schools and individuals. The principles are the same and excellent results can be produced with consumer-type cameras and mixers.


Someone once said "the pictures are better on radio" and that's especially true of radio drama. Whether your play is set on the Moon, down a coalmine or is a lavish 18th century drama, radio will bring it to life comparatively easily, because the sets and costumes are all "in your head". Creating the illusion, however, takes careful planning and expertise. Workshops are suitable for all ages and we can show you:

  • how to turn your idea into a drama script.
  • how to assemble your cast
  • how to understand acoustics 
  • use of different voices
  • microphone technique and use of stereo
  • creating sound effects and spot effects
  • music mixing
  • designed for any age group


Teaching the principles of photography and basic video camera technique to all age groups, we can:

  • turn your script or idea into a short film
  • provide short drama scripts and show you how to film them
  • create a "news programme" with studio features, reports and "outside broadcasts"
  • let you be an actor, director, camera-operator, sound or lighting operator
  • film a music video
  • let you learn about scene composition, lighting, sound, continuity and post-production

In both Radio & Video workshops, we can work with an existing script or help you develop your own, on occasions, working with educational scriptwriting company Act The Facts.  

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Graham Henderson of GH Events was a teacher of English and Drama. He attended Leeds University Theatre Workshop and The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. He was an Education Producer with the BBC, producing a number of John Godber's plays for radio and was nominated for a Sony award for his production of Remould Theatre Company's "Close To the Bone", a play about the nursing profession in Humberside. He has produced a range of professional videos for clients in the private and public sectors, for many years . Graham has regular commissions from schools and colleges.

He holds a PGCE and current CRB certificate