Queen Elizabeth: My husband's work involves a great deal of public speaking.
Lionel Logue: Then he should change jobs.
Queen Elizabeth: He can't.

(from "The King's Speech" Weinstein/UK Film Council)

You don't have to be the heir to the throne with a severe stammer, to be scared of making speeches. For many of us, the thought of standing up and talking, even to a group of friends at a small party, is a nightmare we'd rather not face. The prospect of delivering an accomplished performance with panache, flourish and the right balance of humour too, at a wedding or larger gathering, is one nightmare too far!

But now, help is at hand.

At Planet, we can help you to write your whole speech, add some specially crafted jokes or anecdotes, or design a multimedia alternative using slides, graphics, or video, that could see you making a speech, without uttering a single word at your event!

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